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Let them know you’re just not that into them – without hurting their feelings.在不伤害对方感受的情况下告诉他们,你不想和他们亲吻。You Will Need你需要Diplomacy外交手段Dodging skills躲避技能Steps步骤STEP 1 Read the signs1.阅读信号Read the signs that they’re gathering up the courage to kiss you, so you’ll be prepared to dodge their lips. Telltale clues include becoming touchy-feely, looking at your lips, and invading your personal space.辨别他们正在鼓起勇气亲吻你的信号,这样你就可以做好躲开他们的准备。暴露实情的线索包括过于卿卿我我,盯着你的嘴唇,入侵你的私人空间。STEP 2 Create distance2.创造距离Create some distance. Literally and figuratively. Take a step back from them, and change the topic of conversation to something unsexy—like your earwax problem.创造一些距离,无论是实际上的还是象征性的。向后退一步远离他们,改变话题,谈一些与性无关的东西,比如你的耳垢问题。STEP 3 Play the friend card3.打友情牌Emphasize that you see them as nothing more than a friend by saying so, as in, #39;I#39;m so glad I have you as a friend.#39;强调你只是把他们当作朋友,可以说,“我很高兴能有你这样一位朋友。”STEP 4 Be slightly rude4.稍微无礼一点Point out people that you find attractive, or start talking exclusively to someone else. This way, you demonstrate that you don’t see the other person in a romantic context.告诉对方你觉得某人比较有魅力,或者开始专心和其他人说话。这样,就可以表明你不把他视为浪漫对象。STEP 5 Stay in public5.待在公共场合Don’t let them get you alone. Chances are they won’t make a pass at you with other people around.不要私下与他们接触。有其他人在场的情况下,他不会越轨。If you’re coming home from a bad date and can’t bear the idea of a goodnight kiss, get your house keys out ahead of time and make a beeline for your front door.如果你刚刚结束了糟糕的约会,不想要晚安吻,提前拿出门钥匙,直接走向前门。STEP 6 Give a hug6.拥抱Give a preemptive hug. Pat them on the back for an added #39;friendly#39; touch.先发制人,给对方一个拥抱。轻拍他们背部,作为更加友好的举动。STEP 7 Dodge7.躲避If all your hints have failed and their lips are looming, turn your head so that the kiss lands on your cheek or ear. It’ll make them feel stupid, but, hey, at least they#39;ll know the truth.如果所有的暗示都无效,他们的嘴唇仍然向你靠近,转头,这样他们的吻就落在你的脸颊或耳朵上。这样会让他们感到愚蠢,但是至少他们会知道你的真实想法。Four percent of American adults have never been kissed.4%的美国成年人从来没有被亲吻过。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/292055

but jobs with his eye ever on the bottom line, Had a different view.但是从乔布斯看来,这还没有触及他的底线There were too many people at apple有太多人站在苹果这一边了And in the apple ecosystem playing the game of而且在苹果公司系统里,常常玩着的游戏便是;for apple to win, microsoft has to lose,;;苹果会胜利,微软会失败;And it was clear that you didn#39;t have to play that game然后你很清楚你没必要再玩这个游戏了Because apple wasn#39;t going to beat microsoft.因为苹果公司不会想去打败微软Apple didn#39;t have to beat microsoft.苹果公司没必要击败微软Apple had to remember who apple was.苹果需要牢记自己为什么是苹果It was just crazy what was happening at that time,那段时间真的很疯狂,And apple as very weak, and so I called bill up苹果很虚弱,所以我打给比尔And we tried to patch things up.然后我们尝试修补关系I think he learned to be a better businessman.我认为他学习到了如何成为一个更好的商人I think he learned a little more humility.我认为他学会了如何变得更加谦逊Steve really changed in a number of ways,史蒂夫真的在很多方面改变了自己And he changed primarily because of failure.最重要的因素便是失败Failure affected him, and he learned from it.失败影响着他,他从中学习教训jobs created a brand-new product at apple, the imac.乔布斯创造了一个全新的产品线,iMacI think there was a decision to look different.我认为那是一种从不同角度思考的决心Remember,记得吗,their motto immediately after his return was ;think different,;他们在他刚刚回到苹果时候的广告就是;Think Different;And he didn#39;t say that because he didn#39;t believe it.他从来不那样说因为他坚信这点.He really did want to think different,他确确实实做到了不同凡想And they would have to appear different To show that they were thinking different.并且他们乐于用各种不同的方式展现他们不同的想法.the pair joked about the relationship Between ;mac man; jobs and ;pc man; bill gates.有一恶搞;Mac Man;乔布斯和;PC man;盖茨之间的搞笑组合Pc guy is great but not a big heart.用PC的家伙很伟大,但是没有雄心His mother loves him.他的妈妈爱他His mother loves him.他的妈妈爱他Pc guy is what makes it all work actually.PC guy是那种让任何事情循规蹈矩发展的家伙Mossberg: all right.没错.It#39;s worth thinking about.这样想是很有价值的The truth about bill gates is a brilliant man事实上比尔盖茨是一个很有才华的人Who you could and I did talk to for long periods about the future.是那种可以和你与我谈论起未来滔滔不绝的人He could think quite intelligently About the future,他对于未来的想法很明智,but the way microsoft worked As a business was far more incremental than apple.但是微软比起苹果 有着过于商业化的运作All the while, they were working on some big leap,在那时,他们都是在巨大的变革之中And microsoft tended to do the incremental stuff Almost all the time.而微软趋向于任何时刻都在提升自己的附加值 /201309/258255

While it may be tempting to tell your boss where he can stick his letter opener when you’re y to quit, it’s not a great career move.尽管准备辞职的时候潇洒地向老板提出要求非常诱人,然而这并不是理智的职业举动。You Will Need你需要A job to resign from准备离职的工作Good stationery质地优良的文具Acting skills (optional)表演技能(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Submit resignation1.递交辞呈Submit a letter of resignation that includes the position you are resigning from and your proposed last day of employment.Provide sufficient notice to your employer. Two weeks is customary.递交一份辞呈,内容要包括你的职位和离职日期。尽量提前通知雇主。一般情况下提前两周。Step 2 Inform supervisor first2.首先告知主管Tell your supervisor you are quitting before you tell your office buddies.首先告诉你的主管你要辞职,然后再告诉办公室同事。Resist the temptation to brag about your new job or trash your current one.千万不要吹嘘你的新工作,贬低现在的工作。Step 3 Be productive3.保持工作效率Continue to be a productive employee until you leave. You’d be amazed at how quickly two weeks of slacking off can wipe out years of hard work.继续做一个高效的雇员,直到离开的那一刻。两周的懈怠会将你几年的辛苦工作全部抹去。Step 4 Don’t leave them in the lurch4.不要弃之不理Take the time to write a detailed memo about any projects in the works. Say that you will be accessible after you leave should any questions arise.花点时间书写一份详细的备忘录,写明你正在负责的所有项目。告诉他们,即使你离职之后,有任何问题都可以联系你。Step 5 Send positive farewell5.积极地告别If you plan to send a farewell email on your last day, keep the tone positive. Now is not the time for parting shots.Include your contact information in your farewell email.如果你打算在工作的最后一天发送告别邮件,一定要保持积极的基调。现在不是离愁别绪的时候。在告别邮件中附上你的联系方式。Step 6 Send friendly note6.友好的问候A month or so after you leave, send a friendly note to your former colleagues. Let them know that as you continue to settle into your new surroundings, you think of them fondly.离职大约一个月之后,向你的前同事发送一张友好的便笺。让他们知道,在继续融入新的环境的同时,你仍然深深地想念他们。According to one survey, the most common reasons for leaving a job are better pay, boredom, and lack of advancement.根据一份调查,离职最普遍的理由是追求更好的薪资,厌倦现在的工作和缺乏升职空间。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/240727

Sant#39;s come on,Sant#39;s come on.圣迪出来了,圣迪出来了。Now,Newcastle are choosing to start with young Santiago Munez.今天纽卡斯尔队将年轻队员圣地亚哥·蒙尼兹列入了首发阵容。It#39;s only his second-ever appearance for the senior side.这才是他第二次参加这种重大赛事。I guess they#39;ll be hoping he produces some of the flair that he showed as a substitute at Fulham last week.我想他们是期望他能够像上周在富勒姆当替补时那样一展身手。重点词汇:flair 天分例句:He has a flair for languages.他有学语言的天分。 Article/201406/306170

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